What's the G.O.A.L.?

One of the “trickiest” & more dangerous parts of driving a truck is what most consider to be a simple task, but backing is far from simple. Behind that 53’ BIG dry van, things can change in the blink of an eye and you might not even notice because of the BIG dry van blocking your view.

Safety Directors from all over the industry stress “G.O.A.L.”, and with good reason. It is a simple acronym for (you already know) Get Out And Look! And you see it on the mirrors of our TNi trucks, you see it on the mirrors of many other trucking companies’ trucks, you see it everywhere!

So, if G.O.A.L. is everywhere and stressed across the industry, then why is it still an issue? Why are we still talking about it? Complacency. In my opinion, complacency is the leading cause of backing incidents & accidents.

Drivers say things like “It will never happen to me", or "I've been driving for decades with no backing accidents".

Guys & Gals, it CAN happen to you! And if you remain complacent, it WILL eventually! Remember, G.O.A.L. is NOT only there to lower a company’s CSA scores, it is there to protect YOUR career so why wouldn’t you take the time to protect your livelihood? It only takes a few seconds to Get Out And Look & prevent an incident/accident that would take so much more time!

Be the Professional...be the best one you can be! Team, as always, we appreciate all you do every day...KEEP UP THE STRONG & SAFE WORK!