Door To Door Service

  • Truckload & Dedicated
    • Service centers located throughout the NAFTA corridor.
    • Daily milkrun capabilities along 400 miles of the South TX border with Mexico via TNi terminal locations.
    • Team/Expedited Service
  • Warehouse & Cross Dock Capabilities
    • Northbound consolidated freight via our Pharr and Laredo terminals.
  • Cross Border Shipping
    • Our trailers are able to seamlessly cross the Mexico and Canada border.
  • JIT Freight
  • Online Tracking
    • Satellite tracking for all freight
    • Customer trailer tracking software for visibility across our entire service network.
    • Automated reporting delivered via email.
  • Transportation Brokerage
  • 3rd Party Logistics
    • Extensive network of partner carriers both in the US & MX
  • Around the Clock Support
    • 24/7 Operations Staff
  • Import/Export Consulting
    • Service Areas: United States, Mexico, Canada

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TNi OTR Service Area Map with Terminal Locations

TNi runs truckload and dedicated lanes throughout the Midwest corridor. Brokerage and regional options are also available in select areas.

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