Team Truck Driving

Tri-National offers a number of profitable team truck driving jobs. Team truck driving is almost exactly what it sounds like: truck drivers that work together to safely deliver freight. Two drivers drive the same truck and take shifts behind the wheel. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that drivers take a 10 hour break after driving a maximum of 11 hours. By partnering with another person, you can rest while still moving the cargo towards its destination.

Benefits of Team Truck Driving

There are multiple benefits to team truck driving. Some of the most notable advantages to driving as a team include:

  • Better pay. Team truck driving keeps high value freight moving at twice the speed of solo drivers. Customers are willing to pay higher rates for fast delivery, and we translate those prices into greater pay per mile. Even while splitting the distance, team truck drivers are often more profitable than drivers that work alone.
  • Companionship. Although Tri-National provides excellent home time, our drivers spend a lot of time alone in the cab. Team truck driving makes sure you will always have someone to talk to and eat with. It also means that you never have to worry about leaving your truck alone or unguarded.
  • New areas. One expert estimated that on average, driving teams log anywhere from 4,500 miles to 5,000 miles per week. But solo drivers usually log up to 3,000 miles per week. Greater range means that driving teams are the top choice for long-distance deliveries, taking you off the beaten path and same four highways to exciting new places along the NAFTA corridor.
  • Adventure. Many driving teams consist of friends, spouses, siblings, and family members. Thanks to the advanced mileage, many pairs choose team truck driving as a way to spent quality time together while seeing a significant portion of North America, from the Great Lakes to the Rio Grande.
  • High demand. Team truck drivers provide excellent, fast, reliable service. Truckers are always in demand, but a tried and tested driving pair will always be able to find a trucking job that pays them well for their services.

Service Area

We are headquartered in Earth City, MO and have numerous terminal locations throughout the NAFTA corridor. We provide door-to-door service in Mexico, the US, and Canada. We are a premiere NAFTA transportation provider.

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Get in touch with us to learn more about team truck driving or apply for an open position. Our drivers are required to be at least 23 years old and have at least 24 months of over the road (OTR) experience. Join with a partner or start your new career as a team truck driver. Demand is always high, and our experienced team will make sure you have all the support you need to drive safely and successfully. Apply today.

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