Location Details:

125 Shiloh Rd
Hooks, TX 75561

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Operation Details:

Days: Monday - Friday Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Shop Hours

0700-1700 Monday-Friday. Night shift 1200-2100 Sunday-Thursday. All hours subject to change. Not open on weekends.

About This Terminal

The TNi Texarkana/Hooks terminal offers several driver amenities, including sitting area on deck, BBQ grill, restroom w/ shower, TV room w/ satellite TV, kitchen w/ 2 microwaves, 2 coffee pots, dishwasher, refrigerator & laundry.

Terminal Instructions For Drivers

One entrance/exit. When entering, you MUST swing wide in order to make the turn. When exiting, yield to incoming trucks. Bobtail parking – BACK IN along the wooden privacy fence on the North side of the lot. Drop loaded trailers along the yellow pipe fence located on the West & South side of the yard. Drop empty trailers in area on the North side of yard just before entrance to shop. REFRAIN FROM DROPPING LOADED TRAILERS IN THE EMPTY TRAILER AREA. When dropping any trailer, loaded or empty, back it up as far back & as orderly as possible being careful not to hit the yellow pipe fence. 6 yard dumpster is located on the North side of office building.