Thinking Before Acting

In today’s market, drivers are in high demand, and with the nationwide driver shortage, some companies are using tactics considered to be “predatory” to fill trucks only for the driver to discover they were misled. Unfortunately, longevity at any job has not been commonplace these days for various reasons. Gone are the days of loyalty. Instead, those days have been replaced with instant gratification of going to a new place expecting things to be better.

The truth of the matter is: there is no such thing as the absolute perfect place. No company, no matter the industry, can please 100% of the people 100% of the time. So how does one remain happy with the company they chose to work for? As with any type of relationship, it does take work to be successful and, sometimes, a little compromise.

Tip #1: Never make a decision when you are upset. Things will not always go your way & there is nothing wrong with pointing that out. Just remember the person you are pointing that out to is another human being. Talk with that person, not “at” or “to” them. Work together to resolve the issue.

Tip #2: Anytime humans deal with other humans, there are certainly going to be mistakes made. It is how a person deals with and corrects those mistakes that pave the big road to greatness.

Tip #3: Job hopping is NEVER the answer. This is where Tip #1 really comes into play. Human nature these days is “They made me mad so I’m going to quit and go somewhere else!” Look at it like your yard at home: if you don’t do your part to nurture it, the grass is going to start to turn brown. At this time, you have a choice to make, you can either: (1) sell your house and buy a new house with a manicured lawn, only to have the grass start to turn brown for the same reasons as before, or, (2) you can break out the water hose & water the lawn you’re in.

Guys & Gals, in 29 years of being in this industry, I have learned a few things. One of them being when 2 adults sit down & talk about issues, it’s amazing what can be accomplished, but it takes all of us working together to continue making our chosen profession the absolute best we can be! Y’all rock & we appreciate everything y’all do!