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Tri-National was formed from the successful merger of several transportation and logistics companies, providing door-to-door service between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. TNi has dedicated itself to providing seamless service for the trading partners of these three countries.

With headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and facilities in Lebanon, Missouri, Laredo, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, San Antonio, Texas,Texarkana Texas, Hidalgo Texas and Charleston Missouri, TNi is strategically positioned to provide uninterrupted service within the central United States corridor, connecting Mexico and Canada. All trucks are equipped with satellite tracking systems which provide the pinpoint location of every load, at any given time.

With 90 plus years of senior level management experience, Tri-National can be your one call solution.

TNI has been awarded "Truckload Carrier of the Year" multiple times by JIT automotive supplier Johnson Controls, Inc.